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Jacket Potatoes


Select your Jacket:
Cold Jackets
Plain Jackets(V)(Cold) (£1.40)
Cheese(V)(Cold) (£2.10)
Coleslaw(V)(Cold) (£2.10)
Cottage Cheese & Pineapple(V)(Cold) (£2.50)
Ham, Cheese & Pineapple(Cold) (£2.50)
Cheese Spring Onion Mayo(V)(Cold) (£2.50)
Cheese & Coleslaw(V)(Cold) (£2.55)
Cheese & Bacon(Cold) (£2.65)
Tuna, Mayo & Sweetcorn(Cold) (£2.75)
Chicken Mayonnaise(Cold) (£2.75)
Prawns(Cold) (£2.80)
Pink Salmon & Cream Cheese(Cold) (£3.00)
Hot Jackets
Beans(V)(Hot) (£2.10)
Cheese & Beans(V)(Hot) (£2.55)
Vegetarian Chilli(V)(Hot) (£2.90)
Any Choice Of Chicken With Cheese (Hot) (£3.00)
Chilli(Hot) (£3.00)
Chicken Curry(Hot) (£3.00)
Spicy Mexican Chicken With Cheese(Hot) (£3.00)
Any extra filling: (V - Vegetarian)
Bacon (0.75p)Beans(V) (0.50p)
Beetroot(V) (0.40p)Brown Baguette (0.35p)
Cheese(V) (0.50p)Chicken (0.75p)
Coleslaw(V) (0.50p)Cottage Cheese(V) (0.50p)
Crab (0.75p)Cranberry Sauce(V) (0.30p)
Ham (0.75p)Jalapenos(V) (0.30p)
Mayonnaise (0.20p)Mix Peppers(V) (0.30p)
Mushroom(V) (0.30p)Olives(V) (0.30p)
Onion(V) (0.30p)Pickle(V) (0.30p)
Pineapple(V) (0.40p)Pink Salmon (0.75p)
Plain Baguette (0.70p)Prawns (0.75p)
Sweetcorn(V) (0.40p)Tomato(V) (0.20p)
Tuna (0.75p)
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Excellent Award Winner For Food & Hygiene